An Institute for holistic health and well-being. The pink house will open its doors for you in January 2021. We are currently working on providing you with a comprehensive program around holistic health. It will reach from yoga and meditation to cooking and community events.

About Us.

The Institute.

The pink house is an institute for holistic health and well-being. We offer a space for movement and healing practices such as yoga and meditation. We provide access and inclusive knowledge transfer through workshops, trainings and educative material on- and offline.

Our Mission.

Our mission is to provide a safe space for movement, a holistic approach to health and a collective effort of education. The Pink House institute encourages inclusive knowledge-transfer and participation to fulfill the vision of a safe and open space for healing and movement.

Our Approach.

The institute will run with a unique membership based concept. The members of the pink house will be able for offer their teachings as well as have access to a vast knowledge and education material base through our online platform. The model of pink house establishes a unique concept. It unites holistic health practices, education, collective development as well as holistic movement practices such as yoga under one roof.

Our Vision.

We aim to empower our members to empowerment to take responsibility of own health and free their ability to heal holistically. For this we offer movement classes such as yoga, meditation sessions, community events and individual healing sessions for various disciplines. We aim to partner with established health institutions to exchange our expertise and practices. Through that we hope to contribute to an innovative paradigm towards a more holistic approach.


Hile Mosi, 1000 Prishtina, Kosovo

Phone Number.

Phone: +386 49 487 944